Nearly all the exercises on this English Online France site were made with Hot Potatoes. The program is very quick and easy to learn to use. Before you start to learn to use Hot Potatoes, I suggest you have a look at some exercises made by other teachers to get an idea of what is possible. I’ve chosen these because they show how it is possible to include video, audio, pictures, graphs, etc. in an imaginative and pedagogically useful way.

Hot Potatoes is now freeware. Download the program from the Hot Potatoes Site. Having installed the Hot Potatoes program, just work your way gently through the excellent Hot Potatoes 6 Tutorial that comes with it and within an hour you’ll have made your first exercise! The only thing I would add, is that when you come to the “The 2-Minute Challenge: Make your first exercise”, print out the page so that you can refer to it while making your first exercises.
Exercices using  Michael Rottmeier’s Add-Ons :

Chevrolet Find the differences between the TV commercial and the transcript — Glenys Hanson - Université de Franche-Comté
There once was a lady from Ryde Find the stressed syllables exercise — Glenys Hanson - Université de Franche-Comté
Najdi pravo besedo Find the word in each row that is the same as the first one — Natasa Holy
I have a dream…” Martin Luther King Find the differences between the speech and the transcript — Michel Barbot
Possessive adjectives/pronouns Find the mistakes exercise — Paolo Cutini
Iščem te,velika začetnica! Find the words that should have capital letters — Mojca Pozvek

Exercises using the Image Markup Tool :

Jobs Mouseover the picture to see a word. Not really an exercise but preparation for one — Paolo Cutini
Sklepi A crossword (not JCross) linked to an anatomy drawing. Very cleverly done — Natasa Holy