The Tonic Accent: Words with Latin or Greek suffixes 1

In the words on the left, the stressed (accentuated) syllables are in bold.
When you understand the rule, find the stressed syllables in the words on the right.
When you click on the stressed syllables they become bold.

meningitis mastectomy audiometry anesthesia
laryngytis appendectomy cytometry pneumonia
plebitis nephrectomy dioptometry malaria
tendonitis polypectomy asymmetry diarrhea
deontological gynecology fragility lymphoma
hematological ophthalmology mortalilty hematoma
endrocrinological parisitology morbidity lipoma
bacteriological pathology infertility encapheloma
hemophiliac inflammatory pelvic dermatosis
amnesiac exploratory carcinogenic catharsis
gastrocardiac corroboratory embryonic thrombosis
megalomaniac perspiratory thoracic sclerosis
bioical ogram spodic deraphy
histoical iogram epidic arteriraphy
ical ogram diatic pneuraphy
aysis leumia cocopy cystomy
paysis dysmia micopy hepatomy
diysis ismia gascopy mastomy
immuogy cardipathy appenditis specetry
onogy mypathy myocartis taetry
angiogy homepathy encephatis cardietry