The Tonic Accent: the General Rule 1

In the words on the left, the stressed (accentuated) syllables are in bold.
When you understand the rule, find the stressed syllables in the words on the right.
When you click on the stressed syllables they become bold.

brother retire sitting implement
worker repeat working supplement
river refuse writing regiment
writer reverse going document
believe widen misuse develop
behind given mistake deliver
between children mistype deposit
begin frozen misjudge depressive
above helpful regenerate impose
about beautiful recuperate oppose
around useful redecorate suppose
alive careful reverberate compose

er ness er age
ible gerous on exience
en disa ture le
ture aner age imant
age re re enage
le aness ty le
ty ish icult agon
reber adage le age
age ist en re
ture ness on er