use - used to - be/get used to - usually

Choose A, B, C or D.
Study these examples:

Use a black pen to write your name.
He used a computer to calculate the answer.

I usually have coffee for breakfast but sometimes I have fruit juice.
I don't usually drink wine for lunch but I often do for dinner.

When I was a little girl I used to play with Barbie dolls (but I don't now).
Mitterrand used to be President of France (but he isn't now).
My mother always used to make me sandwiches for lunch (but she doesn't now).
I used to drink milk out of a bottle when I was a baby (but I don't now).

I usually drank water out of a glass when I was a child (and I still do).
When I lived in Scotland, I usually had porridge for breakfast (and I sometimes do now).

I was born in the country; it took me a long time to get used to the noise and dirt of the town.
She is shy; she is not used to performing in public.
If you have English guests, remember they are not used to eating as late as 8 o'clock.
You may find it difficult to get used to getting up so early.

When I lived in Saigon I got used to the heat but it wasn't easy.
When I was at school I got used to wearing a uniform but I'd find it hard now.
When I went to Scotland I found it difficult at first because I wasn't used to their accent.