get - go

Choose A or B.
Which actions take more energy, which are more difficult, the ones with get or the ones with go?

1. He got out of prison by digging a tunnel.
2. The prison officers go in and out of prison every day.
3. Patients usually want to get out of hospital as soon as possible.
4. The nurse went out of the hospital as soon as she came off duty.
5. The burglar got out through the window.
6. After you go out, could you shut the door?
7. She got off the plane at Orly and went to Paris by taxi.
8. He went into the bathroom and got into the bath.
9. He went onto the platform and got onto the train.
10. Get out!
11. Would you mind going outside for a minute?
12. Jack goes to the station every day.
13. Excuse me, I'm lost. Could you tell me how to get to the station.