Students' Frustrations with a Web-Based Distance Education Course


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Windschitl (1998) notes, research on the use of the World Wide Web (WWW) lacks disciplined scholarly articles. "The vast majority of published work is description of technology implementation in classrooms" (p. 28) or reflection of what has been done in distance education. is because the WWW is relatively young and is still in a testing stage, not an evaluation stage. , the lack of disciplined scholarly articles characterizes the field of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) as a whole [2]. Romizowski and Mason (1996: p. 442) claim that "only some 10% to 15%" of the articles published about CMC by 1991 were research studies. , they note that little qualitative research based on observation and interviewing in CMC has been conducted. Windschitl suggests that qualitative studies capture unique phenomena about WWW use. the research literature on the use of WWW is short of analytical studies qualitative studies (Burge, 1994; McIssac and Gunawardena, 1996).

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