Wonderful Fords

Find the differences

Click on the play button to watch the commercial.
Click on words in the transcript to find the 14 differences.

When you've found all the differences, practice saying the dialogue aloud in time with the recording.

Do not "repeat afterwards" as that brings in an element of memorisation.

Speak at the same time so that your voice is naturally guided by the other voice.

Just as if you were learning to sing a song.
You are to know the of seeing that which has never been seen before. You are about to enter a beautiful, exciting, wonderful new world, the world of . For the first time in history, you'll see… not one … not two … but three completely new of Ford cars for 1960. A wonderful new world of Fords. First, representing the 1960 Fords, the finest Fords a lifetime: the magnificent new Galaxy.
    With a wondrous, new life in the course of a lifetime,
    The finest new Fords of a lifetime,
     In a beautiful, wonderful, new world of Fords.
Beautiful from of view, worth more from every point of value, the 1960 Fords open up a whole, wonderful, new, world of , elegance and built-for-people comfort.
And now the world's most wanted car:
    The Thunderbird, the finest of fine cars,
    The last word in wish-it-were-mine cars,
    The dream car of the wonderful, new world of Fords.
The 1960s !
And finally, the car everyone's been to see: the new-size Ford, the Falcon.
    The Falcon, the new-size Ford Falcon you'll find that,
    The new-size Ford Falcon's the easiest car in the wide world to .
Here's full comfort for six adults in a car that'll give you up to miles a gallon. A new-size car a new-size price. It's the car in the world to own: the Ford Falcon.
You can these cars at your Ford dealer's showroom, now.
The Falcon, the Thunderbird and the 1960 Fords.
    There's a big, wide, wonderful world of new Fords,
    Newly-proportioned-for-you Fords,
    A beautiful, wonderful, beautiful, wonderful,
    Beautiful, wonderful, new world of Fords.