Find the differences

Click on the play button to watch the commercial.
Click on words in the transcript to find the 11 differences.

When you've found all the differences, practice saying the dialogue aloud in time with the recording.

Do not "repeat afterwards" as that brings in an element of memorisation.

Speak at the same time so that your voice is naturally guided by the other voice.

Just as if you were learning to sing a song.

"Why can't I clean the stains off dental plates with toothpaste?"

"Because regular toothpaste is too for dentures. Regular toothpaste must be mild enough for use inside the mouth on tender gums and teeth like . But now there's a toothpaste made especially denture wearers. New Dentu-Creme, the only toothpaste enough for dentures. Because Dentu-Creme is used outside the mouth it can contain stain removers, a deodorizer and a special denture polisher too powerful for toothpaste. ! This denture material was stained with a common but concentrated denture stain. Then, baked in an oven for days. See how easily Dentu-Creme removes even strong stains and with proved safety. No stains, no tartar when you use Dentu-Creme . Result: no denture . Remember, to get your dentures clean, clean, you need new Dentu-Creme, the only toothpaste powerful enough for dentures.