Cheerios and V-8 Juice

Find the differences

Click on the play button to watch the commercial.
Click on words in the transcript to find the 14 differences.

When you've found all the differences, practice saying the dialogue aloud in time with the recording.

Do not "repeat afterwards" as that brings in an element of memorisation.

Speak at the same time so that your voice is naturally guided by the other voice.

Just as if you were learning to sing a song.

into space. Man, that takes real teamwork. And here's team of junior spacemen with an out-of-this-world breakfast that teams up V-8 juice and Cheerios flavor and energy. What a treat! A flavorful glassful of refreshing V-8 juice and Cheerios power protein, vitamin B1 for go power. And now here's special out-of-this-world free offer. This moon rocket kit; both toy and an exciting game. First, blast off. It separates in midair and lands two spacemen on moon map. You get wonderful game only this free offer. Send your name and address and one V-8 label plus one box top from specially marked of Cheerios, Kix or FrostyO's to:
Moon Rocket Kit
Mount Vernon 10, N.Y.
Get Campbell's V-8 cocktail juice with any one of these big G .