Bounty Paper Towels

Find the differences

Click on the play button to watch the commercial.
Click on words in the transcript to find the 21 differences.

When you've found all the differences, practice saying the dialogue aloud in time with the recording.

Do not "repeat afterwards" as that brings in an element of memorisation.

Speak at the same time so that your voice is naturally guided by the other voice.

Just as if you were learning to sing a song.

"Uh-oh! Ketchup!"
"Oh! I wish would invent ketchup bottle that squirts where you it."
"Mrs. Porter, I've got the next thing. A new invention Procter and Gamble. It absorbs … like magic. It's called Bounty, new paper towel that attracts moisture. ! Bounty attracting, absorbing moisture. That's because it's more than . It's made unique new way from special formula of six ingredients into a wonderful new towel. again! Compare it to leading towel. See how Bounty attracts, drinks, sucks spills faster."
" of feels different, too, doesn't it?"
"Go ! Pop it!"
"Why it even sounds strong!"
"No other towel is made Bounty: in regular and size. Hurry! new Bounty. It absorbs … like magic!"